ezra crenshaw

wretched transgendered


i'm ezra and i'm a digital artist and writer. i'm focused on the genres of horror and romance, especially where they intersect.

i've recently become interested in the old internet and digital ghosts. this page is both a portfolio and an artwork in progress. i hope you enjoy looking around.


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artist concept

my focus is on the remnants of the old internet and our collective memory of that era. i'm interested in the feelings of nostalgia, tragedy, joy, and haunting experienced while browsing internet archives, especially when portions of the pages have decayed or disappeared entirely.

i'm hoping to capture the simultaneous feelings of eternal preservation and inevitable loss found in our lives on the internet today. i'm not sure what medium this project will solidify as, but i'm currently working on an art series and also thinking about some written stories.

Jan. 23, 2023 - i added a section for other blogs' buttons so i can link other pages i think are neat! and art page is now up and running. i am now realizing just how few portfolio-ready pieces i have prepared lol. i should get on that. also, i'd like to add some text to each image to explain a bit about it but i'm still figuring that out.

Jan. 18, 2023 - got my journal page working! she's a little ugly but she's beautiful to me. only a few more pages and then the bones of this site are complete!

Jan. 17, 2023 - finally working on this again! tried redesigining this with bootstrap to make it easier on myself but it ended up being too much of hassle. also, i felt like it went against the idea of replicating old internet style websites if i used a kind of template, so. hard way it is! added my username banner and fixed the navigation bar. also added this!

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